New House

In lieu of clogging up Facebook with lots of house pictures, I’ve decided to throw it all up on my own website which has been lying dormant for years. Who knows, maybe this site will help to keep me on task? Nah, I’m sure it will be more distracting.

In any case Dan and I bought this house back in October, and it was used as a rental for god knows how many years, so it had been left to disintegrate for some time. The structure is in great shape, and all of our utilities work well, and most of the furniture from our last place fits, but there was a lot to do before we moved in, and there’s still a lot to do! We’ve also downsized from a three bedroom to a two, so we have had to get rid of some stuff (we’re still getting rid of stuff) but we’re getting there.

Exterior01Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 2.42.49 PM

Luckily, my Mom and Dad flew over to give us a hand both with the house and with Ellis, so we could actually move into the place by November.

For now, I’ll go room-by-room with progress pictures and will hopefully update as I get work done (or at the very least, as I make progress). Keep in mind that I only have Mondays and Thursdays to get housework done (while Ellis is with the childminder), along with the increasingly rare nap time…


The kitchen is fairly tiny, and there was absolutely no storage when we first moved in:

DSC02501 DSC02500

That’s it, that’s the whole kitchen. We didn’t actually do much with it while my parents were here; just a little clean up and repaint. A couple of days after my parents left I laid vinyl tile on the floor and it instantly brightened up the whole room.

2014-11-06 09.50.32 2014-11-06 13.04.48

I also made a big Ikea trip to buy cabinets, as well as a nice little order from Appliances Online to get a cooker, washing machine, fridge/freezer and tumble dryer. The wall cabinets were easier than I thought to get up, thanks to a tip from dad and lots of boxes laying around so I could prop them up while drilling/hanging.

2014-11-28 13.58.45 2014-11-28 16.29.41

I also just realized that I have no pictures of the other side of the room since the cabinets went in… oops! There’s till more to do in this room, though:

Finish putting up cabinets ( I haven’t fixed the upper cabinets to the wall surrounding the fridge yet…)

Paint Tile (that splashback tile is hideous, and for the time being, needs to be painted over)

Fix Floor (when I put in the washing machine, some of the tiles slid around and the glue underneath built up and has made a mess…)

Dining Room

The previous tenants used this area as their living room, but I cannot get behind having the dining room at the front of the house and the kitchen at the back, even though it is the biggest room in the house.

Dining02 Dining01

After peeling a very thick layer of vinyl wallpaper with about 3249862104 coats of paint on it, we had to scrub all of the residue off the walls just to make it somewhat even (and it still isn’t).

DSC02490 DSC02491 DSC02492 DSC02493

We also had to pull up two layers of carpet to get to the floorboards. But a fresh coat of paint and some new laminate floor made the whole room look like new!

DSC02536 DSC02537 DSC02538

There’s still a lot left to do in this room, but I’m hoping to make major progress this week:

Finish building banquette seating

Refinish dining table and chairs

Paint Around Boiler


Fit light fixture

Door to Boiler (Dad made us a door for the boiler cabinet he built and sent it over before christmas, but it’s still sitting in the box…)

Coffee/Tea Station (to extend the counter space in the kitchen a bit, I build a coffee/tea/microwave station in the dining area, but I still need to finish the top)

2014-12-05 11.19.42 2014-12-06 16.18.27

Living Room

Living02 Living01

Along with the vinyl wallpaper and 2 layers of carpet, we had an added layer of linoleum on the floor to scrape up, so that was fun… as well as graffiti on the walls!

DSC02495 DSC02496 DSC02494 DSC02497

In addition to painting the walls and laying the new floor, my mom wallpapered the alcoves surrounding the former fireplace.

2014-10-23 16.16.03

There’s still loads to do in here:

Shelves (we still haven’t unpacked our books)

Toy Storage (We have some, but it’s unfinished and messy,  so I need to work it out better)

Mantle (We can’t really have a mantle because of the layout at the moment, but the area still looks like the pic above, so I have to figure something out…)

Sideboard (We bought a sideboard last week that I need to repair and refinish so we can use it as our media cabinet/tv stand)

Scotia and Skirting


This area didn’t need much work, as there were scraps of carpet stapled to the stairs, and the walls were in good shape, but we changed the layout upstairs, so there’s still a bit to be done there.

2014-12-08 10.18.44 2014-12-08 10.19.14


2014-12-08 14.24.46 2014-12-08 15.14.27

Fairly recently, I painted the stairwell and put a runner down the stairs, but I still have to lay the laminate in the entry and finish the skirting and scotia on the upstairs landing (which I have no pics of at the moment…) and finish the linen cabinet that’s there.


All of the fixtures in the bathroom are fairly new, so we didn’t need to do much.

Bathroom02 Bathroom01

I did add new floor tiles (same as the kitchen) and am in the process of adding shelves and decoration to make it a little more functional/pretty.

2014-10-30 12.07.42

Ellis’ Room

Ellis’ room was nasty to say the least. It was also so small that he would have had no room to play in there (not that he does, really, but he may want to hide from us in the future), plus he has more clothes/stuff than we do, so he needed a closet.

Ellis01 Ellis02

So we just knocked through a wall.

2014-10-24 16.07.19-1 2014-10-24 16.21.55

Okay, so a contractor did that, but it allowed us to take some space out of the master bedroom and give Ellis a closet, and put in the linen closet on the landing. That’s all thanks to a wall built by Dad.

2014-10-26 10.20.30 2014-10-26 10.20.44 2014-10-27 16.22.53

And Ellis’ room got a much needed new coat of paint (or two), some funky wallpaper and some new carpet.

2014-11-05 11.01.33 2014-11-06 15.27.09

Unfortunately, the wall with the hole isn’t finished, but the wall needs to be repaired before I can paint, or do anything else, which means the wall inside the closet needs to be done also. Therefore, there are a lot of boxes and other miscellaneous baby things filling up the closet, but are just piled up on the floor. Just going through that stuff will be a major undertaking, so I keep putting it off…

Master Bedroom

So we actually made the master bedroom smaller because of the need for a closet in Ellis’ room, but this is what it looked like before:

Master01 Master02 Master03

A bit of chaos, but we did have a closet, so that was a start. But after building a new wall and adding some paint, wallpaper, and a new carpet, it looked a million times better. I also built up the sides to the closet in hopes of putting in a sliding barn door over the front… we’ll see.

2014-11-05 11.01.01 2014-11-05 11.01.10 2014-11-05 11.02.00

So, obviously the place is furnished now, because we’re living here, but I haven’t been great at taking pictures, mostly because it’s usually in a state of chaos. Like this:

2014-11-25 17.10.58

But I want to record all the work we do, mostly because it’s our first house, and partly to show how much work we’ve put into it.