Master Bedroom: Part One

So, yeah. It’s been a while. I know, I know. No excuses, just haven’t taken the time to post anything! So here it goes:

The master bedroom has somehow become the most complete room in the house. I’m not sure how or why this has happened, since it’s probably the least used room in the house.

When we last saw our bedroom it looked like this:

2014-11-05 11.01.01


Actually it looks pretty good there… no crap taking up space.

Now there’s lots in there, but I’m going to stick with that little corner of the room for now.

So, because we took out almost a third of the room to give Ellis a closet, we were left with sticking our bed in this spot, but I really hated shoving the bed all the way to the back wall (especially since I sleep on the left side of the bed, and that meant having my face against the wall…), so this is what I came up with after less than a week of waking up with my nose against newly pasted wallpaper:


I put two Ikea desk shelf supports (that had been sitting in the garage since the move) behind the bed to bring the bed about a foot from the back wall, which actually lined up with the side wall (huzzah!). Should I have made the bed before taking this picture, sure… 20/20 hindsight.

So,¬†since in our old place I used a pair of shutters mounted to the wall as a headboard, I couldn’t actually use those again here. Well, I could have, I guess, but they’re being employed elsewhere in the house at the moment. So I decided to actually purchase an upholstered headboard. The only problem was I didn’t like anything I saw. And to that end, I decided to make one myself and it was super easy.

I had inspiration from a couple of places, but I really loved this Pottery Barn one:

PB Headboard


I also liked this version from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs:

Headboard SDDesigns

So I opted to go somewhere in between:



And, It. Is. Awesome. I really like how it came out, and if I could put stud trim on everything, I would. For one hour and £40 for all materials, it was a great decision.


2015-03-09 13.42.17

I remembered to make the bed this time! The only issue we had now was the huge space behind the headboard.



And while it is handy for storage, it looks kind of weird. So I built a platform using some left over plywood and stud timber.



I didn’t worry too much about staining the supports since they hide behind the headboard anyway, and because I’m a genius I had to take the headboard back out of place to put the shelf in… ugh. But now it looks great, and it was an easy morning project that really tidied up the room.


There’s not tons of room to walk around the bed, but we haven’t had any injuries yet, so we’ll count it as a win!

I’ll probably move on to Ellis’ room next time, but here’s an updated before and after of this little corner of the house first:





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